Sunday, January 8, 2012

P.E.A.C.E - Polar Exploration and Conservation Experts

We are starting a new mantle in class next week. I wanted the children to learn about the arctic and the wildlife there - polar bears in particular. So, we will start the mantle off by receiving a distressed phone call...

A family that are currently enjoying one of our adventures in Alaska have been out whale watching. They have seen a very disturbing sight. There are two polar bears drifting on a small iceberg in the middle of the ocean. Can we help them?

I'm not sure that we can. I know that stranded polar bears may starve or drown, but I'm not sure what we can do. They are very dangerous animals after all. We can't go to close to them as they will be hungry and could hurt us. What on Earth will we do?

What we did!

We made a big decision that we needed to rescue the polar bears and made sure that our information was up to date , but unfortunately we ran into some money problems - look!

Fortunately, a very famous person helped out!

What a generous offer we had from Sir Richard Branston - free flights to Alaska! So it's off to the airport we go...

Passport control checked our photos carefully.

We had to watch a flight safety film before take off, then we were away!

We saw some amazing things on our flight over the UK, Greenland, Canada and Alaska. All the places looked so different!

We wrote some lovely letters home to pur families about our flight. Of course we then thought we had better write to Sir Richard Branson to say thank you for his generous offer.

Look at some of our letters!

Want to see what happened next? Look here!

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