Monday, April 18, 2011


My first ever attempt at teaching through mantle of the expert lasted a whole term. It was because of the subject matter - space. The mantle started with me in role as a very cross professor and a totally bemused class! I ranted about the shortcomings of NASA (!) and how they had failed to launch another rocket. Cue a piece of recent news footage about the failed launch. Even at this early point the children were hooked. As NASA were not delivering, Professor Potts asked S.T.A.R.S to come on board and help.

Many problems plagued the shuttle and stopped it from being launched. The meteorology department studied the weather and found that a hurricane was on its way and questions were raised about suitable launch sites. Along the way the company also became involved in testing jet propelled rockets and buggies at their launch and testing site – with some amazing results. After deciding that the jet-propelled buggies were not going to be easy to control in space, the design team set to work on creating an electrical space buggy that could be sent to the International Space Station. After their designs and plans were completed, the moon buggy team worked closely with the electrical department to produce the buggies. This resulted in a range of amazing buggies to be used in space. At our company reunion, to celebrate the company’s 100th year, our catering department produced an amazing buffet and past employees came and told their stories of their time at S*T*A*R*S. To mark the event, Friends of S*T*A*R*S created an amazing banner, which is currently on display in the manager’s office. S*T*A*R*S will continue to work for many years with NASA on further projects for the International Space Station.

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